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Hello! Thank you for checking out Tesserae Fitness!

I’m Destiny, your certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience. When I started as a personal trainer, I always tried to get my clients to focus on how they felt instead of how they looked. How perceives their looks is certainly important, however I wanted them to marvel in developing strength and movement and not worry about how they don’t have the long legs of a Victoria’s Secret model. I’ve worked with many different clients from children all the way to 90+ years old, clients rehabbing from car accidents and clients looking to lose fat.

I named my business Tesserae Fitness because I like to think of fitness as a piece of the whole picture of living well. And within fitness, everything you do - cardio, strength training, breathwork etc - are pieces of the whole fitness picture. A “tesserae” is the proper term for a piece of a mosaic. A mosaic often depicts one large image or series of images, however it’s made up of small pieces. I think of fitness and wellness in this way. My specialisations are pre- and post-natal fitness, fitness for people living with chronic pain, and people who suffer from Post Concussion Syndrome. My approach to your programming and personal training sessions is to get you moving functionally with strength and control, and to have you walking away feeling like you’ve gained knowledge and understanding of your own body.

Although I specialise in these areas, please know that I am not a doctor. I will often suggest seeking the aid of a doctor while at the same time working with me. For example, if I am working with a postnatal client who is experiencing pelvic pain despite my efforts in trying to help her, I will refer her to a pelvic floor physiotherapist while still helping her achieve muscular balance and strength. If I have a client who is experiencing dizziness during exercise due to post concussion syndrome, I will refer them to a doctor who can provide vestibular therapy while I help this client move within their limits. I am here to help you help yourself; exercise can be an incredible tool in helping you feel your best, but I cannot diagnose any conditions.

All of my personal training sessions are done virtually. If you’ve never experienced a virtual personal training session, it may be a difficult idea to wrap your head around. While there are drawbacks to virtual training, there are some great benefits. Because I’m not there to physically touch you, you have to take the extra step to connect with your body. This helps you better understand your movement patterns, strengths and weaknesses. This also allows you to work out in the comfort of your home, cutting out the added time of travel or the added worry of other people seeing you exercise.

My goal is to help you move and get stronger without pain! Please feel free to reach out to ask me any questions you might have!

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