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Nus Personal Statement Guide

Personal Statement for NUS -

  • Author has 117 answers and 14K answer views Apr 6 A personal statement is a kind of essay that shows who you are and why you deserve to be admitted to their university. And top universities like NUS, SMU requires a.

  • Quickly make a bullet list of top-5 or top-10 reasons for your study abroad. once making a crisp list, start writing your personal statement. Forget about grammar, accuracy, punctuation, etc., etc. Focus on writing. Once you completed writing, take one-week break. After that, start editing and see where you need improvement and work towards it.

  • Of doing nothing but studying everyday from 10am-9pm with no breaks except to eat in between. I'm sick of having no time to relax and enjoy. Sick of rushing, rushing and rushing. Thinking that I'll die if I don't get an internship this summer because I'll have to graduate late or something. Why is this culture normalized?

Nus Personal Statement Guide - Essay Help 24x7

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